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Connor Maddocks
Born in Utah
3 days
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"Till we meet again, precious"Mommy

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest son, Connor Charles Maddocks, who was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on December 31, 2006 and passed away on January 3, 2007. You will live forever in our memories and hearts, and we will be with you again.


Please also visit and light another candle for Connor.


Connor was a miracle from the very beginning.  His mommy (Amy) couldn't have children for 17 years, so when we found out we were pregnant, we almost couldn't believe it!  Things were tough from the beginning.  Amy was very high-risk and there were several complications, but we took good care of mommy & baby and were seeing a great doctor.

    In November of 2006, Amy was diagnosed by 4 different doctors with gall bladder problems.  They put her on a no-fat diet and gave her pain pills to deal with the pain.  She was too high-risk to perform surgery on, so the gall bladder would have to wait to come out until little Connor was born.  The pain continued until right after Christmas.  Amy just couldn't take it anymore and was worried about her little baby.  So we went to the hospital to have things checked out.  At the hosptial, they got the pain under control and prepared to send her home on bed-rest.  
     At the last minute, the doctor ordered an ultra-sound to check things out.  During the ultra-sound, it was discovered that our little baby's growth had slowed down and even though he was 28 weeks along, he was only the size of a 24 week old.

     Mommy and baby were life-flighted to a bigger hosptial in SLC, UT.  That way Connor would receive the best care possible.  We weren't worried though, because Amy's only child was born at 31 weeks - and that was 17 years ago!  Surely technology had improved since then!
     At the hosptial, Amy was given medications to help little Connor get stronger lungs.  It turned out that the pain she had been having all along was actually preeclampsia.  This is a very dangerous condition that could kill both mom and son, so Connor had to be delivered as soon as possible.  
    Connor was born by C-Section on New Year's Eve at 10:32 P.M.  He came out crying, breathing, and perfectly formed!  His mom, dad, and six sisters rejoiced at the birth of their only boy!  He weighed 1 pound 5 ounces and was 12 inches long.  Exactly as long as his daddy's foot!

   Connor did very well for two whole days.  He was a strong little boy with a fighting spirit.  Then, on his third day of life, he got an infection in his lungs.  Despite this, he still tried very hard to stay alive and fight the infection.  The doctor's and nurses tried and tried for hours to keep him alive.  Mommy and daddy stayed by his side pleading with God to save his life, touching him, carressing him, and feeling of his sweet spirit.  Finally, the doctors let us know there was no hope.  Little Connor's lungs had been destroyed in their attempt to keep him alive.  
     They unhooked him from all of the tubes and machines and let us hold him and be with him in his final moments.  Connor's little heart kept beating for another hour before he passed into the next life.  Those moments were the most precious.  Even though our time with Connor was cut short, we are blessed with the knowledge that we will be with our son again, and that he is happy and at peace.


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